24 Hr. SCAT Training - 01/07/20-01/09/20

This 3 day course is designed to provide field training in shoreline characterization and assessment of oil spill impacts on those shorelines and their associated resources. The course revolves around hands-on field exercises in boats and walking the different types of shorelines. Participants will use standardized shoreline assessment forms, global positioning systems and GIS to develop a SCAT database for planners to use in developing protective action and response strategies for different shorelines. This three day course focuses on shoreline cleanup assessment techniques. You will learn how and practice assessing shoreline for clean up in case of oil spills. Cancellation Policy: The NSCS has a cancellation fee of 25%. If your company would like to transfer a course registration to another employee, there is no additional cost. Please contact Tuan Phung - tuan.phung@tamucc.edu with your registration changes.

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