8hr Hanby TPH 04/18/2020

Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon Field Testing Certification Course - This one-day course includes lectures, instructor demonstrations, practical training, and student qualification evaluations. The lecture portion of the course will provide basic skills instructions. The student will observe instructor demonstrations of the Hanby TPH Water and Soil Field Test Kits and procedures. There will be ample opportunities for each student to learn and establish proficiency in the analytical methods. After the student establishes their ability to obtain qualified and legally supportable results Hanby will test their skills. Upon completion of the course the Student will earn the designation of Hanby Environmental Certified Professional H.E.C.P. for TPH analysis in soil and water. Government agencies receive a 10% discount and Student a 15% discount. Contact the website administrator for discount codes. Tuan.Phung@tamucc.edu 361-825-3823 Cancellation Policy: The NSCS has a cancellation fee of 25%. If your company would like to transfer a course registration to another employee, there is no additional cost. Please contact Tuan Phung - tuan.phung@tamucc.edu with your registration changes.

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